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What is Automation Testing?

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Automation Testing is a method of Software testing, used to compare the actual results with the expected, by a set of automated scripts. Automation Tools are used to speed up the execution cycles, thereby reducing the manual efforts with an increase in the test effectiveness and test coverage.

How different is Automation Testing from Manual Testing?

Automation can never replace a manual tester. It can only reduce manual intervention to a minimum. There will always be a few scenarios that require manual execution. So, when should we consider automation?
Automation is useful when there is a need to test multiple test data for the same scenario. Similarly, automation is the best solution when a set of test cases need to execute on multiple machines or multiple browsers. Also, the regression tests can be best executed using automated scripts thereby avoiding repeated manual runs.

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How do I measure the Automation ROI [Return on Investment]?

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ROI is definitely a challenging factor when it comes to Automation. The benefit of automation can be assessed based on many factors like the number of releases per year, the number of regression cases, test huge volumes of data, etc., 

Any automation estimation includes the cost to create, execute and maintain the scripts. Choosing opensource tools, can reduce the cost to the tool license. The time spent on manual testing will be reduced by 80%, in most business scenarios. But, do not look for numbers for short term benefits. In a course of 2,3 years, your monetary ROI from investing in automation will grow exponentially.

How do I select my Automation Tool?

The first question that comes to your mind when you decide on automation is ‘How do I select the right automation tool?’. 

Well, there are many opensource tools in the market apart from the licensed automation tools. Prepare a list of items which define your key criteria like requirements( cross-browser testing, data-driven testing etc.,), pricing, support to the programming language, ease of maintaining the scripts, ease of execution, result reports & analysis etc.,

We have a list of tools to compare the above criteria and go for the best that suits your requirements.

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What automation tools are available in the market?


There are many licensed and opensource automation tools for both functional and non-functional automation. The list is vast. So, here is a glimpse of some of them.

UFT(QTP), Selenium, Cucumber, TestComplete, Ranorex, Load Runner, Watir, IBM RFT, Appium, Jmeter, Cypress tool, etc.,

Our approach to Automation

  • Identify/Evaluate your automation needs
  • Assess existing automated scripts (if any)
  • Perform a detailed feasibility study
  • Tool and Framework selection
  • Automation Test Plan & Estimates
  • Automation Scripts Creation & Execution
  • Analyze & Summarize the Test Results
  • Preparation of Regression Suits
  • Test Script Handover & Maintenance
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At QAonCloud We provide, fully managed Automation Testing Services customized as per customer requirements.

We use open source technologies like Selenium, Cucumber, etc., to offer you customized automation services. 

Our QA architect and the delivery manager will provide you with a feasible test automation solution.