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What is BIGDATA and How it Works?

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BigData, as the name implies, is a massive volume of data. In other words, it is a collection of large and complex data sets in both structured and unstructured formats. For example, social media platforms generate huge amounts of data every second in terms of images, audios, and videos.

The data is collected from many sources/applications, and it is remarkable in terms of volume. However, these datasets are stored in the cloud. The organizations explore and analyze this data to understand the user’s requirements, to build new business models with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

5 V’s of BIGDATA

Know about 5V’s of BigData in the below infographic:

Traditional Testing Vs. BigData Testing

BigData testing refers to the Testing of large data sets using various tools, techniques, and frameworks. This is entirely different from traditional database testing. This requires high-level testing skills to verify the processing of the terabytes of data. It is also essential to check the quality of the data before processing, which can be batch, real-time & interactive and also requires a unique test environment due to its huge data files.

Traditional database Testing is suitable only for Structured data where it saves the data in the format of rows and Columns. It requires involvement of large number of people in the process of tracking and maintaining records of end-users.

Supports All Types Of Data Supports Structured Data
Requires A Special Test Environment As The Data Size And Files(HDFS) Are Too Large Doesn’t Require A Special Test Environment As The File Size Is Limited
A Highly Qualified Skill Set Is Necessary For Big Data Testing Basic Operations Knowledge Is Enough To Run Tests In Traditional Testing
Big Data Testing Has A Vast Range Of Programmable Tools For Testing Traditional Testing Uses EXCEL Based Macros Or UI Based Automation Tools


BIGDATA Testing Tools?

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Here is a list of a few BIGDATA testing tools available in the market.

  • Hadoop
  • MapReduce
  • GridGain
  • HPCC Systems
  • Storm


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