AOL Inc.

AOL delivers better content to their readers with the help of QAonCloud.


“QAonCloud is 40% more cost effective than other options, the bugs also helped us make design optimization. The team has shown tremendous ownership , has done flawless delivery and is a very quick learner”.


– Donald Le


– Tech Director, Global Customer Care, AOL.

AlienVault Inc

AlienVault delivers better marketing to their customers with the help of QAonCloud.


“QAonCloud has helped us bring a higher level of quality to our web properties. Their team is highly capable and skilled, and bring a level of proficiency to the table that allows them to be immediately productive”.


– Hasnain Baxamoosa


– Sr. Product Manager for Web Technologies, Alien Vault.


RBT ensures their customer’s products are tested and delivered bug free with QAonCloud.


“QAonCloud beautifully integrates the QA outsourcing process. It is a transparent and reliable process that lets you focus on getting prompt delivery of QA results.”


– Shalini Guptan


– Engineering Manager, Red Black Tree.


Tokopedia got their app crash bugs identified, that were affecting their app downloads significantly, with the help of QAonCloud


“QAonCloud has helped us detect app crashes which were affecting our downloads significantly. They have now taken the responsibility of giving a complete QA clear to all our development sprints. We would like to expand the team further.”


– Gautam Chakravarthy


– Engineering Manager, Tokopedia.

SAAS based Cruise Management System

See how a major cruise company got their bugs fixed on their ERP and ticketing platform with the help of QAonCloud.


“QAonCloud is a great option for product companies with small teams looking for small number of professional QA talent at a reasonable price”.


– Sambhu Lakshman


– CEO, Red Black Tree.