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What is SaaS and SaaS Testing?

SaaS(Software as a Service) is a software deployment model in which applications hosting happens through a third-party software provider and keep them ready for the customers over the Internet on-demand.

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SaaS Testing is a set of procedures that ensure that applications function as designed. The Testing phase happens in each iteration of the SaaS Development Process when it comes to closure. Development and Testing phases are driven by the demands of a competitive market of software service providers.

Likewise, SaaS Testing and the SaaS Development Process must use agile methodologies to achieve the goal of delivering quality software within the deadline, to a very competitive marketplace. Network, Applications, and Infrastructure are mainly the core components of SaaS testing.

SaaS testing focuses on below crucial points.

  • Black box and White box testing as a part of Component testing
  • Functional testing phase concentrates if the application is meeting customer expectation
  • Integration testing is performed to check the integration of the software environment with other application servers
  • Security testing focuses on network security, security threats, and accessibility
  • Regression testing needs to perform during post-deployment, release and data migration
  • Reliability testing is performed to reduce the risk of failure at real-time deployment
  • Performing Compatibility testing of the application when accessed on different browsers by different people
  • API testing ensure security, functionality, completeness with third-party software services
  • Operational testing mainly focuses on Customer queries, payment, and billing

What are the benefits of SAAS Methodology?

  • Affordable to upgrade, maintenance
  • Quick to deploy using a web browser and internet access
  • It requires Zero Infrastructure
  • Seamless Upgrades
  • Guaranteed Levels of Service compare to traditional software services
  • Ensure Integrity of data with Backups & Data Recovery without user intervention
  • Work anywhere if there is an internet connection
  • High security compared to traditional software
  • Long Term Customer Relationship
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Traditional testing vs. SaaS

SaaS is considered harder than traditional testing, although SaaS application testing has a few similarities in its approach to traditional testing.

Below are a few factors to justify the above statement.

  • Products deliveries happen at a faster rate compared to traditional testing.
  • It requires proper domain knowledge to deal with the not-configurable and configurable component
  • Product testers undergo comprehensive testing to enable users to utilize all types of benefits of applications
  • For the validation of the application, all the test environments should support automatic deployment & execution
  • The cost of up-gradation and maintenance is lower
  • There is more focus on the adoption of new innovative ideas as less risky
  • Pay per use of the service
  • Easily accessed without any software installation over the internet directly


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