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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

What is Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of things is a rapidly growing technology in the present world, where a network of devices and sensors connect to the internet to get and share information or to take an action.Smart home devices like baby monitors ,Surveillance Cameras etc., are the best examples of IoT in our daily lives. At present, only Mobiles, Computers, Tablets, and Smart TVs are connected to the internet. But in the future, with the help of IoT all the devices having sensors will connect with the internet to make lives easier. For example , a fridge can warn us when the milk is about to turn bad.

IoT testing Services in India

Why is IoT Testing Important?

As the IoT systems scale up , it is also necessary to check the quality and efficiency of the devices at various levels. Before the product releases to the market, testing is essential considering various factors like the complex architecture of the system, dynamic environments, scalability , reliability etc..It also helps to find errors,issues and protects the system/devices from any kind of damage and threats or any other failures.

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Types of Testing in IoT

The following are some of the testing types performed on different IoT elements.

1. Device Interoperability Testing:

This testing focuses on the connection between the devices and checks how they communicate with each other.The testers focus on various areas like Signaling, bandwidth , device’s data restore capability when connections are lost etc.,

2. Usability Testing:

Usability (User Experience) in IoT testing is very important. Users use many different types of devices of various shapes and sizes. Therefore, checking the functionality and behaviour of the system and how to use it, is crucial in IoT testing.Usability in terms of data processing , data display and pushing the tasks from the devices etc., are important to test as a part of Usability Testing.

3. Compatibility Testing:

With the help of IoT, a lot of devices connect over the Internet. These devices have different software and hardware configurations. Therefore, checking the Compatibility among devices is important.

4. Security Testing:

To protect the user’s data, privacy, Security testing is very crucial. It makes sure that the data is secure. We check whether the data is encrypted , password protected when it transfers from one device to another.

5. Performance Testing:

It is very important to check the performance aspects in IoT as it mainly deals with communication between various devices.Various performance factors like bandwidth, latency , data volume , velocity ,timing analysis, load test etc., are verified in this type of testing.

6. End-user application Testing:

It is done to verify whether all the features work as expected and also checks the user experience.It tests all the functional and nonfunctional use cases.

Different Types of Testing Tools for IoT

  • Shodan
  • Thingful
  • Wireshark
  • Tcpdump


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