Our Process

QAonCloud is your one stop solution for all your software testing needs. We work diligently with your team to make sure your software is bug free. Our dedicated and experienced QA Architects and Delivery Managers work with you to provide a fully managed QA solution that works as an extension of your team.

  • 01 Definition

    Define the project scope, understand SDLC and product, determine the best onboarding route

  • 02 QA Strategy

    Develop test strategy document, what to be tested, frequency of testing, share of manual and automated testing solutions

  • 03 Team

    Assign fully trained and experienced team, Assign Architect and Delivery Manager, Pre-planning

  • 04 Execution

    Understand QA Strategy and plan, write test cases, manual and automated QA, report generation

  • 05 Governance

    Regular reporting, daily calls with delivery manager, calls with architect as and when needed, Monthly calls with management, monthly invoicing



We offer the following broad range of services that takes care of your end-to-end QA needs

  • Independent QA Team
    • Useful for when you don’t have a QA team of your own
    • Dedicated Delivery Manager
    • Dedicated Architect
    • QA Consulting
    • QA Strategy
    • QA Execution
    • Daily Calls with Product Team and QA Delivery Manager
    • Daily reporting
    • Monthly high-level reports to the management
    • Monthly call with management

  • Extend your QA team
    • Useful for when you need a quick expansion of your existing QA team
    • Suitable for a new release or launch of new product without hiring full-time QA resources
    • Follows existing QA Strategy
    • Dedicated Delivery Manager
    • Test cases, Test Plan, QA Execution
    • Daily Calls between Product Team and QA Delivery Manager
    • Daily Reporting
    • Monthly high-level reports to the management
    • Monthly call with management

  • One Off Testing
    • Useful when you just need your app/software/website to be tested before launch
    • Also if you already have a launched software but getting low rating because of bugs 
    • Or if particular type of testing, like Security Testing, is needed
    • Dedicated Delivery Manager
    • Dedicated Architect, QA Consulting
    • QA Strategy, QA Execution
    • Regular calls between Product Team and QA Delivery manager
    • Final report at the end of the testing


The test partner that you can trust

Contact Us

Please reach out to us for a consultation on how QAonCloud can help you

Agreement Signed

Sign the agreement to get the balls rolling

Team Assigned

We assign the team including Delivery Manager and QA Architect

Test Plan

A test strategy and plan is shared and agreed upon


The team starts writing test cases and executes them as per the test plan


Monthly meeting with the leadership team to track progress


An online invoice is raised after 1 month and every month for the duration of the contract


You have 30 days after receiving the invoice to pay us through wire transfer



Companies big and small depend on QAonCloud to deliver their customers a bug free experience.