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What is Fintech?

Fintech QA testing services in USA

Fintech stands for Financial Technologies. It refers to innovations in the financial and technology crossover. It is also considered as the “4th industrial revolution”.

For example, consider transferring money or paying bills using your favorite Digipay service like Google Pay, Amazon Pay etc., … it is nothing but Fintech. It aims at offering a simple and better user experience to those customers who need the service without any threats or problems. To deliver a top-quality product while meeting the user expectations, there is a great need of having Quality assurance and Software testing for “Fintech”.

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Challenges in Fintech

Fintech is successfully providing a wide range of services including mobile payments, banking, budgeting, equity funding, and much more. All these activities need security, reliability, safety, accessibility, and all kinds of security measures. Some of the problems that we need to handle are:

  • Large-scale transactions
  • Data confidentiality
  • Security threats and breaches
  • Simultaneous transactions
Software Qa testing in Fintech

These can be handled with Precision in the QA Testing Procedure.

Fintech QA Testing services

Why Fintech QA Testing is Needed?

As we know, DATA is everything in this world. It is uncompromising to have QA Testing of the Product. Applications must be agile, functional, secure, and usable. During the testing phase of the Product, the testers will pinpoint and point out errors. They will analyze all the different possible scenarios that could upshot any bugs and defects. The Product that is fire tested will provide a secure and adequate experience to end-users while using Fintech services.
Software QA testing predominantly evaluates:

1. Security:

Fintech applications utilize and store data of users for easy accessibility. The Hackers might try to access and manipulate these data. So the Application must be checked in-depth to avoid such attacks and risks.

2. Data Protection:

Data is continuously changing every second. So it is essential to preserve and conserve the information during the Testing phase.

3. Usability:

Usability defines the quality of a product. Testers ensure that the Application is user friendly and easily usable to any novice users.

4. Functionality:

It makes sure that the product meets the specific requirements of each end-user to perform successfully, secure, and agile. It is valuable to collect user opinions on the Application.

5. Accessibility:

The Application must be usable to all kinds of users. App also focuses on users with disabilities such as visual, cognitive, auditory, or physical impairments. Testers ensure that the Product is accessible to those users without any hesitation.

Fintech Application Testing follows the seven crucial steps as standard:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Requirement review
  • Business Scenario Preparation
  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Security Testing
  • User Acceptance


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