Software Testing For HealthTech

Software Testing For HealthTech

Why is software testing important for Health Tech:

Technology plays a very important role in the healthcare sector. Now a day’s all the health care organizations use software programs to have smooth functioning of the system. Any mistakes in the software can risk lives. So, to reduce technical errors, QA and Software testing in HealthTech is necessary. The focus of the QA process should be on security, usability, functionality. It is important to test the software before releasing it into the market.

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QA has the responsibility in shoulders to limit the future defects in the application and ensure top class performance. It has the responsibility of defining the Quality Policy as standard and how to follow the policies in a better way so that there won’t be any complications to end-users.

Healthcare software testing comes with requirements and challenges compared to regular quality assurance (QA).

Testing types for HealthTech

1. Functional testing:

It ensures that the application works well for all the functionalities implemented in the system.

2. Platform Testing:

It ensures that the application works well across all the browsers and mobile devices.

3. Security Testing:

It ensures that the sensitive data of patients are safe from hackers, and any kind of threats, with effective QA.

4. Functional validation of the Software:

Healthcare applications must be functional all the time to provide the required services perfectly. Software testing helps to verify business workflows and take performance measures to ensure the desired results.

5. Usability Testing in Healthcare:

Usability Testing is very critical in the Healthcare sector. The UI and User Experience of apps and devices can also be enhanced with much-needed Usability Testing methods.

6. Performance Testing:

This testing focuses on architecture, scalability, and tuning.

7. Medical imaging testing:

Specialized test automation is done for medical imaging applications like MESA, DVTK, and Mirth.

Software testing in healthTech

Challenges in Healthcare application testing:

  • Domain knowledge is mandatory for the tester.
  • Requires expertise for testing and it is high in cost.
  • Extensive testing is needed for each release to ensure accuracy.
  • The testing team needs to be aware of the functionalities, usage, and the environment of the application.


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