Fully managed Functional testing delivered on one or more devices based on your project timeline and needs


At QAonCloud, real people use real devices to test your software before your users do to identify the most real world issues. Our most comprehensive software testing ensures that functionality issues in your software are identified before they go public.


Our independent testers export issues, ranked in order of priority, to your bug tracking system and confirms they are fixed once you had the chance to work on them.


Fully managed Automation Testing customized for your project timeline and needs


At QAonCloud, we use open source technologies like Selenium to offer you a customized test automation plan that helps you save time and money. We help increase efficiency as well as reduce the duration of each test cycle by automating the most repetitive manual tests, thus providing greater coverage and helping you to update your software more frequently.


Our QA architect and delivery manager will provide you with the test automation solution which will be executed by our automation testers going forward.


Get your software’s security assessed to make sure it is compliant as well as your user’s data is secured


At QAonCloud, we use a combination of automated security tools as well as penetration testing and probing your application for vulnerabilities to make sure it is compliant and secure.


Our team performs functional testing on your software to identify security vulnerabilities and shares a comprehensive report with findings, risk assessment, recommendations and remediation plan.


Get your software regression tested to ensure all features that were developed and tested previously still works as expected after latest changes


At QAonCloud, our team ensures that your addition of new features to your software hasn’t adversely affected the pre-existing features. We do this by ensuring a full or partial selection of test cases which are re-executed manually to ensure all existing functionality is working fine. It ensures new code changes doesn’t have unwanted side effects on existing functionalities.


Based on the needs of your software, we may even suggest to automate fully or partly the previously executed test cases thus ensuring time and money savings for regression testing of your software’s previous functionalities.


Get your software APIs tested to ensure they meet expectations of functionality, reliability, security and performance.


At QAonCloud, our team does a white-box testing of your APIs at the messaging layer, directly and as part of integration testing to ensure its functionality. The team explores boundary conditions and use various parameters of the API calls in ways that verify functionality and expose failures. They also generate more value added parameter combinations to verify calls with two or more parameters as well as verifying the behaviour of the API and sequence of API calls.


The team shares a comprehensive report with findings at end of each testing cycle to allow your development team to take remedial actions based on the report.