FuntimeQA - struggles of software sonam

[Fun Time QA] Struggles of Software Sonam


Hi, My name is Software Sonam and I am born with defects. 😞

I don’t understand why people panic 😱 when they see me with defects. I know how they were made and my creators break their heads to find the root cause.

Yes, I am SOFTWARE SONAM , born with defects. 😞

If I am programmed to talk😊, I can tell you a  lot of interesting stories behind these defects.

Well, some of them occur when my creator talks over the phone with his girlfriend. πŸ‘° I would sayΒ  ‘HOW ROMANTIC’ 😍. But, my tester says ‘CRITICAL’ and the manager says ‘FIX IMMEDIATELY’.πŸ”§

Well, you know! I am SOFTWARE SONAM , born with defects.😞

Some silly mistakes do happen when my developer was in a hurry to go for a movieπŸŽ₯ with his wife and I hear him saying to his friend that he will have to cook over the weekend if he misses this first-day release. I would say ‘PLEASE SPARE’. But, my tester πŸ•΅οΈ says ‘VERY HIGH’ and the manager says ‘ FIX IMMEDIATELY’.πŸ”§

Ugh!πŸ˜ͺ I am SOFTWARE SONAM , born with defects!😞

Do you know that my developers talk to me?πŸ€” They sometimes flatter me and yet sometimes revile me . I keep shouting ‘Dude, you missedΒ  ‘F’ in my code’. But, they never listen. 😈 I would say ‘BAD LUCK’. My tester says ‘HIGH’ priority and the manager says ‘ FIX IMMEDIATELY ‘.πŸ”§

Ofcourse,  I am SOFTWARE SONAM , born with defects.😞

Some cases occur when my dudes copy-paste the code from my friend Google Goonz. I keep reminding them ‘It doesn’t suit me darling’.πŸ‘Ž But, who listens to me.πŸ‘‚ I would think my Tester friend πŸ•΅οΈ is my only help. My tester checks and says ‘ALL FINE’.πŸ‘ My manager says ‘ FIX IMMEDIATELY’πŸ”§ and then he realizes that he should say ‘MOVE TO PRODUCTION’.⏩

Yes, I am SOFTWARE SONAM , defects are a part of my life.πŸ™Ž

Finally, I am in production, waiting for my USER to find out about the copy paste error so that I can go back to my dear DEVELOPER. I always APPRECIATE πŸ‘ the efforts of my TESTER πŸ•΅οΈ who always tries to make me perfect. We, software friends call him ‘Mr.PERFECT.πŸ‘Œ

See you guys again. Bye for now πŸ‘‹

with love,
SOFTWARE SONAM, trying to be PERFECT. πŸ€—

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