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Test strategy is a high level document which defines the approach for software testing. It is basically derived from the Business Requirement document. Test strategy is developed by project manager or business analyst. It is kind of static document which sets the standards for testing so not updated often.

Test plan is derived from SRS (Software Requirement Specification) which is prepared by test lead or manager. The main goal of test plan is to include all the details related to testing such as what to test, when to test, how to test and who will be the tester. Test plan is often not updated but if there is some new feature or change is introduced then it has to be updated accordingly.

Having a detailed and customized test strategy and plan created for you is a great first step in creating a streamlined product development process that takes quality into consideration from the very beginning. A process that catches bugs early, reduces development time, lowers cost to company and gets you faster to market with a better quality product.

Test Strategy and Plan


To describe the overall targets, approach, tools and timing of test activities there by to achieve higher quality in shorter lead times.

Guiding standard
Guiding Standards

Describes the Data Management and Test Management according to the company standards and guidelines.

Requirements strategy
Requirements Strategy

Defines the process of gathering requirements and structuring the requirements by collaborating with the team and customers.

Quality and Test objective
Quality & Test Objective

Describes the Accuracy, Interoperability and Performance factors.

Test scope
Test Scope

Defines the Test Scope by understanding the In scope and Out of Scope features .

Testing type
Testing Type

Defines different testing types such as Integration Testing, Functional & Feature Testing,  Acceptance Testing etc., along with the Test Examples.

Test design strategy
Test Design Strategy

Determines the Specification Based and Experience Based black-box testing techniques like Equivalence classes, Boundary value analysis, Error Guessing etc.

Test environment strategy
Test Environment Strategy

An efficient Test Environment Strategy will be followed to test and deliver the product on time.

Testing executive strategy
Testing Executive Strategy

An execution strategy is defined well ahead of the execution process by determining the test environment, system requirements, test suites etc.,

Test management strategy
Test Management Strategy

An effective Test Management Strategy is followed to provide a clear understanding of the project activities to the stakeholders.

Risk and assumption
Risk & Assumption

Determine the probable risks along with the mitigation plans and list out the assumptions.

Defect management strategy
Defect Management Strategy

We follow  a proper defect management strategy to define, prioritize, re-produce the defects there by avoiding duplicate / irrelevant defects thus saving time.

Defect classification
Defect Classification

We determine the severity and priority of the defects depending on the impact and criticality.

Defect lifestyle
Defect Lifecycle

Defines the status of the defect from identification to closure.

Test activities and schedule
Test Activities & Schedule

Defines the Status and Timelines of different activities involved in the Testing Procedure.


Defines the roles and responsibilities at different hierarchies.


Multiple deliverables like Test Case repository ,Defects, Execution Status Report , Test Report as requested by the customer.

Risk and assumption (2)
Risk & Assumption

Determine the probable risks along with the mitigation plans and list out the assumptions.

Sample test summary
Sample Test Summary Report

We provide the over all  Test Summary in a specific template which includes all the test cases with the corresponding test status.

Defects reports
Defects Reported

Defects will be reported in the customer’s required format OR tool like JIRA, Bugzilla etc.,

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