WHY QAonCloud

Our fully managed software testing process with a combination of manual and automatic testing customized to your unique needs is the best way to get your software tested

Traditional Outsourcing | Crowdsourcing
Lack of small teams

Lack of flexibility to upsize and downsize teams based on needs

Long sales cycle and team on boarding times

Long lead time to start of testing

Lack of product mindset

No managed QA service

Testers keep on changing, resulting in no expertise amongst the team

No secure location

No IP protection

The QAonCloud way
Managed end-to-end service

Secure locations

Full IP protection

Small teams

Upsize and downsize your team per need

Product mindset

Superfast sales and onboarding

Small lead time to start of testing

Why QAonCloud is best for you

  • Full Service

    QAonCloud gives you dedicated architects and delivery managers who manages all aspects of your project and works on your schedule to offer you a seamless experience.

  • Continuous QA

    We work on the principles of continuous testing under agile development to ensure we are identifying defects at all stages, coupled with regular regression testing.

  • Passionate Testers

    We hire software testers who love what they do. We heavily scrutinize our applicants and get them through rigorous training process so you get only the best.

  • Dedicated QA team

    We assign a dedicated testing team to you so that you get a consistent experience. Over time they become the champions of your product with deep expertise.

  • Scalable Process

    QAonCloud can act as an independent QA team or as an extension to your existing QA team. Ramp up and down team the team based on your schedule in monthly intervals.

  • Partners for success

    The team at QAonCloud strives for your success. Dedicated team, continuous testing, constant feedback, sign-off on releases and experienced testers makes you feel it’s your team.

  • Focus on Quality

    Our testers are carefully selected, experienced and very well trained. Along with the architect and delivery managers we seek out the most critical issues that make or break your product.

  • Speed to market

    The team works across multiple platforms on your schedule, including fast onboarding, to make sure to make sure you hit your deadlines and your project is on schedule.

Intellectual Property

We take your IP seriously, that is why your IP rights remains with you, you own everything that has been created for you at your system

All deliverables belong to you

Your Idea is protected through NDA

Full time employees at QAonCloud sign their own NDA

We do only black box testing without accessing your code or data

Our testers only access your product from a secured office environment


Secured network

Power backup

High bandwidth connectivity

Firewall protection

People Control
Rigorous hiring process

Background verified

Identity cards in use

Monitoring using CCTV

Physical Security
Biometric access

Access to floor is restricted

Devices are securely stored

Security guards in place


We work with you to build your customized testing strategy and plan. We make it super easy to collaborate with your in-house product team using the latest technology. And you are the owner of all our deliverables.

Test Strategy and Plan

We start off the engagement by building a comprehensive Test Strategy and Plan in conjunction with your product manager that is customized to your software, timelines and needs. This master plan document serves as the future guidepost to all testing activities for the project.

Mind Map

With inputs from your team, we prepare the mind map, a great visual representation of your software universe, to show the relationships amongst all of the individual entities that your software interacts with. We usually find this to be a great resource for the team going forward.

Test Cases

We would prepare the test cases to start with as per the test strategy and plan document created above. This will be constantly enhanced, updated and modified with time to keep in sync with your changing needs. These will be stored in system of your choice.

Bug Reports

We would constantly generate bug reports based the execution of the test cases from above. Every test cycle would have its own bug report and would be generated and maintained in the bug tracking tool of your choice.

Automation Script

All automation scripts generated as per the test strategy formulated above will be maintained in a code repository of your choice. We will regularly execute the automation scripts and update them as and when needed.  Bug reports from the test runs would be  shared.