The fintech industry is one of the most fast-growing areas of the banking and finance sector. However, fintech applications are often neglected when they show poor performance, delayed response, or a security breach. These factors affect customer experience and ultimately reflect on Brand liability and engagement.

QAonCloud covers customer segments like payments, digital channels, credit services, digital core, commercial, corporate banking, investment banking, and trade finance. Create safe and seamless banking software testing services with customized QA testing services and embrace the transformation with modernized banking implementations, secure payments, etc.

Perks of QA Testing for Fintech

Enhance user interface for improved customer experience

Launch bug-free and competitive products

Increase customer engagement with a user-centric interface

Secure transaction and sensitive data with seamless integration

Eliminate bugs and glitches for elevated app performance

QAonCloud Banking & Financial Software Testing Services

360° App Testing

Functional Testing

Regression Testing

Security Testing

Data Integrity

Performance Testing

Regulatory Compliance Testing

360° App Testing

Complete assessment of app functionalities
  • Explores the nooks and corners of the applications

  • Ensure bug-free interface.

  • Use suitable methodologies for high-quality apps

  • Build user interfaces that guarantee security and customer satisfaction

Functional Testing

Ensure that the app is sustainable in case of a surge in customers
  • QA testing teams use real-time data and analytics

  • Ensures that all functionalities in the app are intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Replicate real user scenarios and validate all functionalities

  • Better product quality and enhanced user experience.

Regression Testing

Ensure smooth launch of updates and software modifications
  • Regression testing for every feature release

  • Focus on the more complex flows where the system might break

  • Complete test coverage in various browsers and devices

Security Testing

Complete assment of app functionalities
  • Tests the security layers of the app

  • Authentication portals, payment gateways, and other app functionalities with vital customer information.

  • Implementation of industry regulations and standards for BFSI solutions

  • Guarantee supreme privacy and security on the app.

Data Integrity

QA testing of E-Commerce site across various browsers
  • Uses proven strategies for software testing to keep data secure and intact.

  • Ensures that apps have a solid framework for seamless integration

  • Maintains a robust database of app usage to induce a better user experience.

Performance Testing

Deploy mobile applications with QAonCloud with rich features and excellent UI/UX.
  • Ensure high performance and a glitch-free user interface.

  • Helps customers have a quality experience on the app

  • Building trust and reliability among the BFSI customers.

Regulatory Compliance Testing

  • Adhere to several regulations and compliance with industry best practices.

  • QAonCloud helps apps meet standards, rules, and regulations

  • Standards like PSD2 and EMV for smart payment terminals and automated ATMs are incorporated.

Why Choose QAonCloud for Fintech?

QAonCloud employs highly efficient techniques with QA teams experienced in sophisticated QA practices delivering competitive Fintech apps for your business at reasonable costs.

QAonCloud has a simple, fast, and hassle-free onboarding process to avoid delayed launches to market. We work parallel with development teams by taking up software testing responsibilities, and we help you launch apps faster and beat the clutter.

QAonCloud uses robust tools and technology that induces collaboration and increases efficiency. We follow a dynamic work model and a modern approach to software testing to ensure that all our deliverables are uncompromised on quality and are delivered on time.

QAonCloud uses detailed insights on user behaviour and ensures that the software functionalities are structured to meet their needs. With accurate data, QA teams ensure that the app is intuitive and enhances user experience, reducing customer churn.


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See more on how QAonCloud enhanced Indihood’s Fintech Application

Indihood required fast-paced QA testing with end-to-end functional testing for their loan management mobile and web application. Their goal was to create a user-friendly platform and increase trust among their customers and mobile app users by removing defects and enhancing app performance.

QAonCloud not only helped Indihood accelerate its new feature releases but also identified 60% of functional defects, with 93% of the defects accepted.

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