How QAonCloud helps Engineering

QAonCloud delivers solutions for researchers and professionals to ensure the quality of their software engineering products.

Stable Release

We add stability to your applications by filling the missing gap in the development of the product. We uncover issues before your customers experience them with diligent testing while running the test cases and reporting all the issues in a detailed manner.

Accurate Documentation

As your QA team, we ensure complete documentation at all levels of testing concerning your software releases. We ensure all QA practices are well documented to free your testing of human errors.

Eye for Detail

Our proficient QA team will understand the flow of your application, be it a simple or very complex functionality. We consider the scenarios from the end-user perspective to avoid any crucial bugs. Our testers give utmost attention to every detail of your application to perform the testing more effectively and efficiently.

Value-Added Testing

Any testing activity that does not add value to your application/your customer is an unnecessary expense. We blend lean thinking with the testing process to eliminate software testing life cycle waste. Our shift-left testing approach analyzes the waste, such as environmental downtime, improper resourcing, wrong test cases, etc., and implements efficient plans to reduce them.

Our Key Clients

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