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QAonCloud helps Fintech businesses with value-added QA testing services across customer channels like payments, digital channels, credit services, digital core, and commercial and corporate banking. We have helped 60% of functional defects with 93% accepted bugs for our clients.


QA Experts at QAonCloud offer high-quality testing services for numerous integrations across various platforms, intricate billing systems, reliability, interoperability and revenue assurance. Our expert teams have helped identify 20% of bugs within 24 weeks to guarantee quick launches and better end-user satisfaction.

Event Management

QAonCloud helps to enhance event management platforms and improves functionalities and features for an impeccable user experience. Our dedicated QA experts have detected over 750 bugs and 100 major defects with more than 10 regression cycles for our clients to enhance software performance.


QAonCloud software testing services help businesses deliver a seamless shopping experience on eCommerce platforms with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and highly secure applications. We have delivered a 21% reduction in crashes with 95% accepted bugs using robust QA tools and expertise.

Artificial Intelligence

QAonCloud testing solutions not only ensure that AI and ML are curated to enhance UX but also improve its health by implementing security points. It helps ensure solid integrations to enhance user experience and guarantees customer satisfaction with improved platform quality.

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